Achievements | TI ComNet


Primary Customers (Domestic)

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), Nippon Television Network Corporation, TV Asahi Corporation, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Fuji Television Network, Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corporation, Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Higashi Nippon Broadcasting Co., Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation, TV Osaka,Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., CBC Television Co., Chukyo TV Broadcasting CO., Japan Airlines Co., Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association, and many others

Primary Customers (Overseas)

BBC (UK), TV France (France), Viacom (France), Discovery Network (Singapore), CCTV (China), TVB (Hong Kong), RTHK(Hong Kong), Gold Sun TV (Taiwan), Formosa Television Inc. (Taiwan), TV Japan NY (USA), PBS (USA), Beyond (Australia), Polestar TV (Poland), One Movie (Italy), Oznoz (Canada), PT Metropolitan Televisindo (Indonesia), TRANS TV (Indonesia), Channel 9(Thailand), Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Etihad Airways, China Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Qantas Airways, and many others

Awards Received

New York Festival (multiple)
US International Film and Video Festival (multiple)
ABU Prize
Word Media Festival
Shanghai TV Festival
NHK Japan Prize
BCM Certificate of Appreciation

International Program Sales

TI ComNet

“Sushi Samplers” (Entertainment), “Takinoya-Hot spring resort in Japan” (Entertainment)

Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

“ON-CHAN” (Animation), “Ode to Joy - A Chorus for Life –” (Drama), “Hungry Hoppers” (Variety Show), and many others

Nippon Television Network Corporation (NHK)

“BRAVE Mr. Tornado” (Documentary), “Valens’s Return Home-A Rwandan Genocide Offender, 22 Years On” (Documentary), “At Home with Venetia in Kyoto” (Lifestyle), “Famous Mountains of Japan” (Nature), and many others

Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

“Reintroducing Arita Ware to the World!” (Documentary), “Love Stories From Fukuoka” (Drama)

Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation

“Before/After” (Variety Show)

CBC Television Co., Ltd.

“The Clown Prays to the Moon” (Drama), and many other dramas

Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

“Spin to Win” (Documentary), “Yakuza & Constitution” (Documentary)

Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association

“Beauty of Japan” (Travel), “Food of Japan” (Food), and many others

We have numerous other TV broadcaster partners and contents to offer.

International Content Market Booth Participation

MIPCOM, Sunny Side of the Doc
NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives)
ATF (Asia Television Forum & Market)
FILMART (Hong Kong International Film & TV Market)

Busan Content Market, BCWW
World Content Market (Moscow)
Telefilm Vietnam Market
Asian Side of the Doc
and many others

Sub and Dub Translation

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

Won various awards for NHK Specials, including “Katsura Rikyu (Katsura Imperial Villa)”“YOHJI YAMAMOTO REBEL IN BLACK”.
Our projects include “The Professionals”, “At Home with Venetia in Kyoto”, “Timescoop Hunter”, “Wild Hokkaido!”, "UKIYOE EDO-LIFE", "Tsuruko’s Tea Journey in Germany", "Akibaccano: anime song dance battle", "The Professional: Garbage as a Calling", "Drama 10 Dream Team", and many others.

TV Asahi Corporation

“Telementary”, “The Scoop” (NYF Gold Medal Award Winner) "Is It Wrong for Us to Know? Switched at Birth—60 Years Later", "Yearning for Their Mother's Love -Daughters of Sex Workers ", "The Last Cabaret in Kabukicho", "Revealing the Facts of History", "I Am Not Weird", "A New Normal, A New Way", "How to eliminate my teacher", "Rikuzentakata City: 10 Years in the Rebuilding of a Town from Zero", "What Was Going On in Wuhan?", "OVERCOMING A Kabuki Actor’s Battle with Aphasia", "No Gambling! The Don of Hama’s Final Battle"

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television

“Channel Japan”, “Japanese Dream” (Broadcast on CNBC), “Hakuho's New Birthday~ Up-Close with the Yokozuna ~” "The Man America Feared Most ~They call him Kamejiro~" "Kamejiro The Man America Feared Most " "A Young Woman's Challenge: Born a Sake Brewer's Daughter" "SUNDAY MORNING"


"Call me not"

Fuji Television Network

“Special News Program”, “8.12 JAL Crash 30th Anniversary”, “South Korean Ferry Disaster: Survivors Speak Out”

Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

“Light of My Life” (International Emmy Awards Finalist), “Ode to Joy - A Chorus for Life –” (Gold Award – World Media Festival Winner), “Tracking the Snipe God”, "Tracking the Snipe God -Two Stories of the Latham`s Snipe-", and many others

Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co.

“Love Stories from Fukuoka” (Dubbed version), “Okinoshima”, “Reintroducing Arita Ware to the World!”, “Surviving a Devastating Flood and Landslide”, "Real Shots of Good ~The Legacy of Tetsu Nakamura, M.D.~", and others

Higashi Nippon Broadcasting Co.

“A Special Program Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of Zuiganji Temple”, “Tsunami Disaster Heartache and Hope Through the Viewfinder - 49 Days of Life and Death –” (NYF United Nations Award Winner), “Visiting Sacred Places of the Tohoku Region”, “Daring Attempt of Oystermen to Overcome Earthquake Adversity”, “Guriri” "The Sake that Bonds “Unite 311” A Sake of Gratitude", and many others

Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

“Journey with the Gods: The rebuilding of Ise Jingu Shrine”, “Yakuza & Constitution”, “Spin to Win”, and others

RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation

“Memory of the World: Message from Sakubei Yamamoto ~ A miner-painter's link to the future~” "Eternal Peace: The Last Will and Testament of a Class B and Class C War Criminal"

Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corp.

“A Duel Tale”, “The Fox Dancing in the Dusk”

Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association

“Festivals of Japan – Season 1, Season 2”, "Colors in Japan", and others

Shizuoka Broadcasting System Co., Ltd.

“Trap Master Kunio Katagiri and His Secrets to the Finest Gibier” "Goodbye,sun −17years with Rintaro's family−"

CBC Television Co., Ltd.

“YAMEBO Yakuza Castaways Adrift”, “A Journey Along Isuzu River Ise Jingu's Divine Living Forest”, ““YURU” Revolution~Creating Sports for Every One~” "Goodbye, Debussy" "COMING TOGETHER" "Shikake" "They Called My Son a Clown" "The Reform of Sniper Masayoshi Tokimura’s Work Style", and others

Tulip-TV Inc.

"I Am a Swan "

Asahi Broadcasting Nagano Co.

“At the Top of the Sky ~The Yarigatake Mountain Hut’s 100 Years Story~”, and others


"The Detective’s Bento"

Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation

"Gion Festival" "Baton of Memories" "Children Born of War"

Broadcasting System of Niigata Inc.

"Living with Carp" "The Flowers of My Town The Current Lives of the Geigis of Niigata"

Nihon Denpa News Co., Ltd.

"I’m Taking a Little Trip to North Korea"

Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

"Spirit of Hagi Ware"


"Peace Nippon"

World Hi-Vision Channel, Inc.

"Memories of the Atomic Bomb"


"Childbirth among People with Disabilities"


“PEEP and the Big Wide World” (Translation and Dubbing)

NELVANA (Canada)

“THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS” (Translation and Dubbing)

Discovery Channel

Numerous translations and dubbing

Subtitling, translation, dubbing, and other services provided for numerous other clients.

Project Coordination

Discovery (locations: Tokyo, Sapporo, Niseko, Noboribetsu), PBS (location: Tokyo), Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., (locations: USA, England), Tohoku Broadcasting Company (location: England), in Moscow, in Taiwan, and many overseas locations in other countries as well