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Services Overview

TI ComNetServices Overview

Multilingual Translation /
Screen Translation

TI ComNet offers subtitling and dubbing translation service, including proofreading, for films, dramas and documentaries.
In addition to translations between Japanese and English, our services cover numerous European and other Asian languages as well.

Voice Over / Narration / Subtitling

We provide translation services for all languages, and also localization services with transcription, dubbing and subtitling. We ensure that our localized content is culturally adapted, and also synchronized accurately with video timing. In addition, we select narrators who are both native to distribution territories and skilled at capturing and expressing the essence of your content for a superior viewer experience.

Overseas Awards Submission Agent

There are a very broad range of overseas awards, and it is crucial to understand the specific criteria of each award. As your agent, we develop a strategy and systematic approach for submitting your content to the most suitable prestigious award to optimize your chances of winning.

International Program Sales

Nowadays, international content markets are becoming more and more active every year, in which many TV broadcasters and companies are participating. However, at the time of our founding, the scale of such events was much smaller. Over the years, we have participated with an exhibition booth at various events (Singapore, Busan, Cannes, and others) and built strong relationships with overseas buyers and broadcasters. Through the trust and proven results we have established, we can quickly locate clients for your content utilizing our unique network. Also, by staying up-to-date on recent trends and needs in overseas markets, we are able to execute an effective sales plan on your behalf.

Project Coordination

Depending on the country and region, issues can easily occur with overseas filming and photography for TV programs, the news, dramas, movies, commercials, promotional videos, and still pictures. We can fulfill a variety of needs and carry out total coordination utilizing our original network. Please contact us to explore any filming and photography possibilities.

Overseas Product Marketing

Recently, there is a growing interest to share films and other content that resonates with Japanese audiences with the rest of the world. Often times small details can make the difference in capturing the attention of foreign audiences, and they are also the key to more and more products becoming popular overseas. We maximize the potential of your content through our expertise gained over many years through our original network.